• You want roof windows that are stylish and last a long time, so that you can relax and enjoy your home. But you also need your roof windows to protect you and your home from the very worst the weather and world can throw at you. At Liteleader we call that Essential Protection!

  • i01 However hard it rains, we’ve made sure you’ll be warm and dry. Our windows are designed and tested to withstand even the worst storm so just sit back and listen to the soothing pitter patter of rain.

  • i02A special super tight seal prevents drafts and air loss even in winds of up to 180mph! So when the wind does whip up, you can relax and enjoy the storm.

  • i03We’ve even included cutting edge design and technology to reduce the noise from outside and keep everything quiet on the inside.

  • And you can save on you energy bills too with our Liteleader special thermal insulation which keeps the heat in and the cold out.

Essential Protection

  • Our 10 year guarantee is based on our high quality and sustainable materials, our 70 + years of window making experience and our passion for what we do. And it gives you real peace of mind.

  • i05Liteleader use the highest quality Scandinavian Pine, grown in sustainable forests. Then we kiln dry to reduce the degree of moisture of the wood.

  • i02We are independently certified for our green credentials. We only treat wood naturally and even our PVC is lead free.

  • perfectAll Liteleader roof windows fit perfectly to all common roofing materials.

  • i08We’re part of the VKR group (which includes VELUX) that has been excelling at designing and manufacturing world class and innovative windows and accessories for over 70 years.

10 Year Guarantee

  • Liteleader windows let the light flood in but there’s more to a great room than just light and we’ve got it covered. It’s what we call Essential Comfort!

  • i02It’s easy to clean our centre pivot roof windows. Just rotate the window so that the outside is in!

  • i01 Our clever and elegant bottom opening handle doesn’t just make it easier to open and close your window, it also allows more light in too.

  • i11All our windows are designed to ensure great ventilation and a flow of fresh air when you need it. And with the two ventilation positions on the handle, your room will always be fresh but secure.

  • i12Life is for living not cleaning so all our PVC profiles are maintenance free.

Essential Comfort

  • You want a roof window that is easy to install and at Liteleader we’ve got that covered too. And we call it Easy Installation!

  • i01Liteleader roof windows are compatible with the most common roofing materials, from thin slate to the higher profiled tiles and our universal flashing is also compatible with most European roof window materials.

  • i02Installing or removing the sash of the roof window is very simple and can be done in just “one click” thanks to the safety buttons!

  • i15Our flexible fixing brackets, make installation even easier.

  • i16
    We’ve included an easy to follow, step by step installation manual in every box.

Easy Installation