• Of course, larger windows let in more daylight, but it is worth considering the option of using more, smaller windows, which can give better overall results (see pictures).

    • With one roof window, approx. 46% of the room will be illuminated with natural light.
    • When installing two roof windows with the same total area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 48% of this room will be illuminated with natural light.
    • Four roof windows with the same total area, but more evenly spaced, allow 65% of this room to be illuminated by natural light.
  • The less steep the roof pitch, the longer the window you will need.

    • The roof window should always be placed at the right height, and should be the right size to meet your specific requirements. Choosing the right window size depends on the roof pitch. If the slope is small, the roof window should have a higher height to provide the same panorama as for a house with a larger roof slope. The general rule is thus: "the smaller the roof pitch, the higher the roof window."
    • In addition to the size of the roof window, you should also consider the height of its installation. It is important that every resident of the house has an unobstructed view from the window.
    • There is not one "right" size or one "right" window placement. The window should always be located for the convenience of users and functionality, and this depends on the existing conditions.
  • The right shape of the window recess is also helpful to get more light. If the cladding will be arranged vertically under the window and horizontally above the window, more lighting is obtained (figure 2). If the slope of the frame is appropriate, more light enters the room.
  • If the lining reveals are not splayed, warm air can get trapped and cause condensation. However, the appropriate angle of the lining guarantees the free circulation of warm air in the room.

  • In addition to interior lighting and construction planning, you also need to consider how roof windows affect the exterior view of your home. We must think about the location of roof windows relative to existing windows. We need to find a balance between the need for indoor lighting and outdoor architecture. By doing so, our windows will have an elegant appearance from the outside and meet our needs inside the house.

    We recommend installing the snow shield above the roof window, because it can protect it from permanent damage.

  • Before choosing the size of the window, we must consider the structural integrity of the roof. Most roofs are suitable for installing roof windows, but it can happen that some assembled trusses cannot be cut without a tried and tested replacement solution.
    If there is any doubt as to which beam can be cut, please consult a specialist before starting work.